Friday, October 28, 2016

She's back.

I love to reflect back on where I have come. To see how much we have grown & changed. To see how much more light we put out into the world. To see how our spirits have been awakened & are ready for our calling! 

My last post was January of 2016. I am reclaiming this space as a place for me.
A place to share my inner most thoughts. 
A place to share my triumphs and failures. 
A place to share my worries and fears. 
A place to share my inspiration and motivation. 
A place to share smiles and tears. 
A place to share my story to help others. 
A place to cultivate empathy and love. 

With love & belief, 

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

And we're off!

A new year is a time for renewal. A fresh look on life. A self-awareness plan you get to adjust each year.
A year is just the compounded minutes and days, then weeks that make up your years.
How are you spending your minutes?
An even better do you WANT spend your minutes?

I love the idea of a bucket list and spend your minutes on experiences rather than buying stuff.
We will all kick the bucket sooner or later (morbid, but it is true!)
You have to take your time on this earth seriously and shine to others who need some light.

Here's a notated list of my bucket list:
Go skiing
Learn to crochet (this year)
Travel to all continents
Pay off all debt (2016, baby)
Share my story from a stage
Feed the homeless
Play instrument, maybe the drums
Have a few chitlins
Foster some chitlins
Get a dog!
Learn photography
Wear a bikini & be proud of my size
Cook well
Be a servant leader
Sailboating in a sea
Make piece of pottery
Muddy 4 wheeler ride
Make my own vino
Sea to table dinner
Stay on the beach in Rio
Grow a garden & can our own food
Earn a pink cadillac
Blogging (here we go :)
Learn to sew
Take my pops to Hawaii
Sing at church or in front of audience
Meet Darren Hardy
Bless tons of people
Grow leaders in my organization
Go on the Prize is Right!
Spend time in Cali (going next week)

The list keeps growing when you give yourself permission to dream. Have you given yourself that permission? God has such an amazing world out there just waiting for you!
But you have to take the first step. He will give you what you need, but you have to grab it from his hands.

What are some of your dreams??

Monday, December 28, 2015

The new year is almost upon us! I love a new year. A time to recharge, get life in order, & set some new goals for the next chapter. It is a time of reflection for me. The last few years have been a mix of crazy highs & lows. From getting married to the passing of my mother, buying a home and starting a new business, personal fails and triumphs. This is going to be my year to shine & use all the gifts God has given me. He has a life set out for me and I'm ready to receive all of his abundance.

My mantra for 2016 is "Start With You." We can all think of what resolutions we made last year. And which ones fell by the wayside only a few weeks in. We can beat ourselves up or we can choose to keep going. I've made sure to change my language and these are not resolutions but commitments I make to myself. Doesn't always work for me, but it's getting better each time.

So to start 2016 off right, this is my 2016 Life Commitment plan.
I will be tracking my progress in all different parts of life & hope you enjoy the ride. :)

Monday, November 10, 2014

Holiday Gift Menu

Prevent Wrinkles ~ Stop doing these 8 things!

No matter your age, you have probably thought of wrinkles. While there are an abundance of pricey products out there claiming to get rid of all wrinkles, what we really want is to age gracefully. These are everyday habits you can check off your list that will keep your face less prone to wrinkles.

1. Leaving it vulnerable to pollution.
When mastering how to prevent wrinkles, there are some things you can't control, pollution being one of them. Pollution actually reduces the oxygen and collagen in your skin and can mess with your skin tone, leaving it blotchy and causing breakouts. Seriously? Combat pollution by using SPF, washing your face every night before bed, exfoliating up to 3x per week, and moisturizing.

2. Over-washing and Under-moisturizing.
Washing your face feels amazing. But too much of a good thing can turn ugly. Excessive face washing can dry out your skin, leaving it dull and highlighting damaged areas, even making them worse. Wash you face with a cleanser that is formulated for your skin. After washing, your skin should not feel tight, which indicates moisture has been stripped away. And when you do wash your face, moisturize with a product that matches your skin type. Even oily peeps need moisture! (Oil-free moisturizers are out there)

3. Stretching your skin to apply makeup.
This is one of the most important BAD habits to break if you want to age gracefully without buying a new face (which could be pretty expensive). The more you contort your skin to get your makeup just right, the more wrinkles you will end up with. Like, tomorrow. Brushes can help you break this habit so you don't touch your face with bare hands and product goes in the right place every time. Keep those mitts away.

4. Not getting enough sleep.
Ever heard of Beauty Sleep? There is a reason they call it that. When you're dreaming at night, your skn regenerates the cells in your body. The less sleep you get, the less time your skin and the beauty products you use have time to do their thing. A study by the UH Case Medical Center found women who only slept five hours each night for a month had TWICE as many wrinkles and spots than those who slept for seven hours. Do whatever you can to get your head on that pillow.

5. Not drinking enough water.
As we age, our skin looses moisture and gets thinner. We must drink water to keep our skin moisturized as well. Daily, aim to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water dialy. Drink up!

6. Drinking water from a bottle/straw.
Think of how we contort our mouths when we drink through a straw. What about when you purse your lips to sip from a water bottle? Both of these movements are creating more lines and wrinkles around your lips and can even create more lines around your eyes as well. Either pour your drinks into a glass, or find a water bottle that has a glass-sized opening.

7. Going to bed with your makeup on.
Don't raise your hand if you've done it. Just make a mental note: we have all done it from time to time. But when this becomes a habit, you are basically inviting wrinkles to enjoy your face. The makeup, along with pollutants from the day, seep into your pores and break down your skin's elasticity. Always cleanse & moisturize before bed. Every. Single. Night.

8. Neglecting your neck and hands.
Many of us obsess over the wrinkles on our face, but neglect moisturizing our neck & hands. Think of your neck as an extension of your face so you aren't plaqued with the dreaded "turkey neck". Hands are one of the ways the carnival kids are taught to tell your age at those dreaded games! Make this a daily routine and you will win a prize everytime!

Mrs. Hall

Friday, September 5, 2014

BE Vibrant!

A good anti-aging regimen may not take 10 years off your face after a few applications, but using the right products regularly to nourish, rejuvenate and repair skin will lead to a noticeably smoother, softer, and more vibrant complexion.
In the face of the seemingly endless shelves of anti-aging products that claim to erase lines, diminish wrinkles, plump up waning skin and repair damage inflicted by sun and time, how can you tell what really works? Here are a few tips to help navigate choices and maximize results. (Mary Kay is pretty awesome btw...just saying... 😘)
Read Ingredient Lists 
The front of the package may wax poetic about active ingredients, but read the fine print to see just how active they are. The further down the ingredient appears on the ingredient list, the less of it the formula actually contains.
Simpler is Better 
Products with everything and the kitchen sink are not necessarily the best. Simpler formulas may contain higher amounts of active ingredients than those with dozens of them.
Use as Directed
If a little is good, more is not always better. Active ingredients can be detrimental to skin if too much is used. Applying too much or too frequently can lead to irritation, clogged pores, and blotchy skin.
Be a Loyalist
Using too many products can overload your skin rendering products less effective and can cause irritation. Make sure to also use one brand of skincare, not a cleanser from so&so and moisturizer from that-brand-off-shelf. All products from Mary Kay have been used, & will follow the claims, if you use Mary Kay products, not use other brands along with it. 
Show Product Patience
 Some products may yield immediate results, but many work best over time. Try using the same regime of products consistently for at least 2 weeks before giving the verdict.
Search for a 100% Guarantee 
 Most brands do not give you your money back if their product doesn't do what it says it is supposed to. With some companies, such as Mary Kay, they offer their own 100% guarantee and will refund your money if you don't like the products for any reason. Good Housekeepingg is also a great resource when it comes to finding out what products really work. They are an independent company that tests products to see if they do what they claim...novel idea!!! All our skincare lines have the Good Housekeeping Seal, not too shabby, eh?

What's your tip when trying a new skincare line?? 

Stay Beautiful!

xoxoxoxox Amanda Hall

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Are you a VIP??

I always say a new tube of mascara is one of the 7 Wonders of the World. I swoon over opening a new tube. I actually get pretty excited when I run low! It goes on so smooth, just the best. It is seriously one of the best moments ever. #makeupgeek

It's scary to know that there can be all kinds of funky stuff in there after a while. Rule of thumb is replace your mascara about every 3 months; because your eye is such a sensitive area, you want to make sure to abide by this rule pretty closely.

You deserve to have your makeup hygiene up to pYou deserv to have safe mascara and have quality products. 

Hence, Mascara VIP.

You are sent a mascara every 3 months so you can throw your old one out before it gets funky & grows crazy bacteria.
No shipping charge, 100% guaranteed, Good Housekeeping Seal of approval. Can't get any better!

You check your mailbox on the 3rd of every 3rd month & get the goodies out of your mailbox. End of story.

Since you are ready to sign up, send an email to with your name, address, and phone#. I will call to arrange payment info.
For the whole year, pay only 65 bones and get a special limited edition bonus gift once a year.
Cancel anytime.

Much love,